Our classes

Indoor Cycling

This really is the next generation of spin with our world-class bikes, fantastic lighting and an amazing sound system. Our superb team of RogueFitness instructors will fire you up to the best beats in town, creating an immersive experience that encourages you throughout the ride, gives you a full body workout and leaves you exhilarated at the end. Our bikes can give you the metrics to track and improve your performance, or you can ignore the numbers and just get lost in the music. It’s your ride to fitness and feeling good!


We have all of the kit you need for a great session of High Intensity Interval Training. Our RogueFitness HIIT instructors will ensure you actually enjoy flipping tyres, swinging those kettlebells and swooshing heavy ropes around to work up a sweat. You will work hard, have fun, and feel fantastic at the end of it!


Our studio lighting and music creates a beautiful space for your yoga practice, wherever you are in your journey. Come to a RogueFitness yoga class where we create a point of calm in a busy world, allowing you to make time for yourself, a space where you can truly be grounded. Everyone’s body is different and all of our instructors work to enable you to stretch, breathe, and develop your practice in a way that suits you…it is a fabulous feeling.